Yoga-Paddling – 1 day with yoga in the evening

Explore the beautiful surroundings of the island Kirjais with us. You will experience natural life close up, and get a chance to breathe and relax. During the tour we will have breaks on various islands to stretch our legs and of course enjoy the field lunch prepared by the guide.

After the paddling day we will get ready for a 75-minute yoga session starting at 6 pm in the Yoga Archipelago Studio »

  • Duration: 10 am-7.15 pm
  • Meeting point: Skärgårdsvägen 3718, Nagu/Nauvo
  • Suitable for: All levels, basic fitness
  • Group size: 1-9 presons
  • Schedule: We will meet at ten to choose the right equipment and aim to be on the water by 11 am and back again around 5 pm
  • What to bring: Water bottle and snacks, dry set of clothes
  • Included in the price: Paddling equipment, field lunch, yoga-mat and lead yoga-session
  • Price: 110€